I am pleased to welcome you on my website. You have come to the right place for excellent legal translations into German or English of your legal text. I translate from German, English and French source texts.

I am qualified as a legal translator and interpreter as well as a lawyer.

As a sworn state approved translator and interpreter for English and German having gained an additional qualification for the legal field I have also pursued legal studies in Germany, France and England and worked as a lawyer in international law firms for several years. You will benefit from my long experience as a translator and interpreter as well as my legal education and practice.

I was sworn in before the regional court of Stendal for English and German. As such, I am able and qualified to provide you with certified tranlations into German and English for further use at governmental offices, agencies, organisations and courts in Germany and abroad.

Thanks to my double qualification you will receive a translation which perfectly conveys the legal content of your texts into the other language, both in terms of language register and legal meaning and significance.

I look forward to working with you. 

Please ask for an offer for your professional legal translation.